Frameless Glass Curtains come in mainly two Streams:

Double Glazed

Original solutions combining double glazing frameless glass curtains with a thermal break framework obtaining U values up to 1.4W/m2K.  If you are looking for something original our frameless glass doors are perfect. The glass panels are designed to fit together perfectly without the need for intrusive framework giving the illusion that there is no obstruction whatsoever between the inside and the outside. The doors operate with the use of a handle that allows the panels to fold and unfold as you please. We can tailor our products to your individual specifications.

Single Glazed

On Single glazed units, all glass used is 10mm toughened and polished on long edges. Schlegel is fitted between doors or you can have a clear PVC seals, which give a complete weatherproof seal. The tracks and profiles are made of extruded aluminium.

The profiles on doors are connected to the tracks by means of a flag, including spacers which slide inside along the tracks. The tracks contains top and bottom turning mechanisms which automatically tell us where the doors are to open. Doors can only be opened at gates, which are 6mm by 5mm, which makes them extremely secure.

The door locking mechanism is a stainless steel (satin or polished) privacy lock or a poppit which is opened by pulling a clear acrylic bar towards you.

The framework is produced from powder coated aluminium, and can be supplied in any RAL colour you specify. The sides are sealed with a clear PVC plastic.

All doors slide on PTFE (Pure Teflon), and all the weight is at the bottom, it doesn’t hang, there are no wheels, and it slides by kinetic energy. You can only open the doors when they are in the correct position at the gate, which are in the first door opening only and are 6mm wide x 5mm deep. There is a turning mechanism in the top and bottom track, on which the flags fit into. This allows you to open each door as it automatically touches and locks into position. Once open the doors stack neatly side by side with just 5mm between each door, with the profile being 40mm wide. Doors can stack all one side or both sides any combination.

Frameless Glass Curtains are also complaint with latest EU Energy Performance in Buildings regulations and come in a number of different glass options and pricing:


Clear tempered glass mostly for room dividers

  • Clear tempered glass mostly for room dividers
  • Laminated safety glass for added security on external applications
  • Low-e / reflective laminated glass for Infrared or Ultravoilet dampening
  • Opaque glass curtains for privacy in boardrooms
  • Large open space frameless doors for restaurants or wedding halls
  • And various other applications that may come to mind


If in doubt always contact us so that we come up with possible alternatives.


Our Service incorporates:

  • Free quotation on presentation of client’s plans
  • Consultation on the opening setup of the doors
  • Different types of glass available
  • Choice of transparent handles available
  • Locking devices
  • Setting up and Installation